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Yes, siree, mosey on up and meet the most popular member of the Traeger grill line, the Lil' Tex. Modeled after our BBQ075 "Texas Style" grill, the Lil' Tex is a "pint sized" grill with a "ten gallon" cooking potential at 371 sq. inches of cooking surface. Just like the bigger 075, the Lil' Tex features a high tech auger-fed burner, electronic Autostart, three position cooking control system, and EZ-Drain Grease system. All the most popular Traeger features in a size and price for the masses. Now everyone can join the fun!



Suggested Price: $699.00


If you are in the market for something out of the ordinary, this Texas Style grill is for you! Designed after the traditional Texas Style wood cookers that were constructed from scrap oil well casings, this unit brings old fashioned wood cooking into the 21st century with its high tech auger fed burner. Forget fire tending and temperature control problems. This unit automatically augers wood pellet fuel to accurately provide three different cooking settings; high medium and smoke. Traditional design is now "state of the art" technology, a winning combination that will deliver professional results every time you cook



Suggested Price: $999.00












Climb the ladder of cooking success and great looks! The first thing you'll notice is the elegant "Black Gloss" high temperature enamel finish. Next, we moved the pellet hopper outside to the front of the barbecue. A stainless steel lid serves as a pellet hopper lid and handy work table. The newly restyled BBQ 125 "Executive" grill offers the largest amount of cooking surface in our residential grill line. Inside you'll find more than 1,000 square inches of nickel plated cooking surface-on two grills. The "primary" grill features 711 square inches of cooking space, the "secondary" grill holds 297 square inches of food. The main chamber is protected by a heavier gauge lid, which will help with heat retention in cooler weather. Our Digital Thermostat provides you with precise cooking temperatures, and a big, bright LED read out to confirm the cooking temperature. We've also incorporated our unique Auto-start and E-Z drain grease systems, stylish roll-around cart and locking casters into this executive package. Best of all, the BBQ 125 comes fully assembled! If you're into black and chrome, this unit is for you!



Suggested Price: $1995.00


We’ve taken the best of our Lil’ Tex and Executive grills and combined them. The result is the new BBQ124 Professional. Featuring a front load hopper with stainless steel lid/work surface, the Professional is the perfect grill for folks who take pride in their grill. The Professional features 371 square inches of cooking surface and our famous 3 speed smoker control. It is built on a roll around stand with four commercial grade locking casters. A “Stay-brite” handle and chimney cap add to its good looks.

Suggested Price: $995.00



























They are no larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil, people who see them for the first time think they look like rabbit food, but there is nothing small about the heat energy in a barbecue pellet. Over 8500 BTU's per pound!

Wood pellets are not new, they have been around for a long time used in industrial, commercial, and residential heating appliances. There are over 100 fully operational pellet mills in the United States, each one capable of supplying the entire U.S. supply. Traeger's were the first to use them for cooking.

First only the finest hardwood raw materials are sourced from all over the country. The pure raw material (sawdust) is then pulverized with hammer mills and dried. The dried material is then processed under heat and pressure. Lignin, which is the natural glue which holds plant fiber together, softens above 100 degrees Celsius, permitting the material to change shape. The hot lignin then acts like a glue to bond the pellet together. Pelleting employs a hard steel die which rotates against rollers forcing the material through the die with pressures of over 10,000 PSI. As the pellet is forced through the die it is sheared off at the specified length, cooled, screened, and bagged into 10 or 40 lb bags.


General specifications for barbecue pellets are: 100% hardwood, 1" long or less in length, 1/4" diameter, less than 2% ash content, less than 2% fines, 10% moisture content, 8500 BTU's per lb, and about 40 lbs per cubic ft. density.

Hickory and Mesquite pellets are the most popular, however many of our customers are now using fruit woods for specialty smoking and gourmet cooking. No one supplies finer quality hardwood barbecue pellets than Traeger. Remember, if it doesn't say Traeger on the bag, you don't know


Available Pellets














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